Video Editor

Video Editor

Our agency is seeking a Video Editor to join our team on a full-time basis.

Required Skills & Experience:

Experience in video editing and motion design using After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Indesign
General animation skills and understanding of traditional camera use in short video projects
Develop visual content for all digital platforms and media (web, social media, video)
Relevant experience with graphic design, photography, videography, and field production support.
Comfortable in handling multiple projects from beginning to end and to create inspired solutions with tight and changing deadlines.


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Video Editör

Ekibimize full time olarak katılmak üzere, Video Editörü aranmaktadır.

Genel Nitelikler:

Video çekimi konusunda deneyimli, video animasyonu bilgisine sahip, iyi derecede Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Indesign veya muadili programları kullanabilen
Tüm dijital ve sosyal platformlar için görsel içerik üretebilecek
Kısa video çekimlerinde genel animasyon yeteneklerine sahip ve kamera kullanmasını bilen
Grafik tasarım, fotoğrafçılık, videografik bilgisi olan ve röportajlarda çekim yapabilecek deneyime sahip
Değişken proje bitiş tarihleri içerisinde yaratıcı ve sonuç odaklı çözümler sunabilen ve birden çok projede aynı anda çalışabilecek ekip arkadaşları aramaktayız.


Bu pozisyona başvurmak için lütfen aşağıdaki form vasıtasıyla bize cv’nizi iletin:

SEO & SEM Specialist

Digital Advertising Specialist

Our agency is seeking a Digital Advertising Specialist to join our Online Marketing team on a full-time basis.


The ideal candidate will have at least 2-3 years of experience managing digital campaigns including paid search, digital display ads and analytics.

Responsibilities will include daily management of paid search accounts on multiple engines as well as using successful bidding strategies and effective keyword management on PPC search engines to hit goals and efficiency metrics.

You will be tasked with actively testing and analyzing keywords, copy and landing pages and working directly with clients to set digital advertising goals and apply best practices. You will also manage relationships with search engine reps and display sales reps.

Required Skills & Experience

Developing digital advertising campaign strategy, managing set-up and writing ads for new client accounts
Defining search marketing strategy for new and existing accounts
Pulling requested analytics reports and providing analysis
Creating custom search and analytics reports
Assisting the online marketing team with email and social media responsibilities as needed

Skills & experience that will move your resume to the top of our list include:

SEO experience preferred
Google AdWords Certification, Google Analytics Certification a plus
Agency experience preferred
Experience buying display media on Google Adwords, large networks and individual sites

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Social Media Specialist

Social Media Manager

We are seeking for a Social Media Manager with at least 2-3 years of professional social media marketing experience and be able to strategize social media initiatives for clients, manage and execute initiatives and assist in all aspects of social media marketing. He/she has demonstrated the ability to own and operate day-to-day social operations and understands the relationship between digital, social and traditional marketing. This role is ideally suited for someone who has a strong understanding of the social media universe, community trends and technologies and can balance daily social community management operations with strategic and creative vision.


Develop and execute social media strategies based on client objectives
Daily management of branded social media channels
Monitor and participate in conversation with customers, fans and enthusiasts
Oversee social media analytics and determine effectiveness of social media activities
Research new technologies, monitor industry trends and determine their potential relevance to client programs

Required Skills & Experience

University degree in Marketing, Advertising, PR, Journalism or Sociology
Excellent command of English, both written and oral
At least 2-3 years brand management experience in social media agencies
Demonstrated Social Media & Digital Media knowledge & use
MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Photoshop or MS CRM knowledge is preferred
Extremely comfortable with internet technologies and knowledge of social media
Excellent communication skills, including writing, proof reading skills, and speaking
Empathetic individual who understands the importance of listening in communications
Comfortable interacting with people offline as well as online; a natural networker
Must be a team player and willing to work additional hours when necessary
Well-organized, attentive to detail and can successfully manage multiple tasks at the same time

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